areas_18_wheeler_wrecksTruck crashes are very different than crashes involving only normal sized automobiles. Because of factors like vehicle size and longer stopping distances, truck wrecks often result in serious injury or death. Whether you were hit by a truck in Huntsville, Alabama, a rural highway, or anywhere else, we can help.

Quick legal action is vitally important if you were hit by a truck. Insurance companies race to investigate these 18 wheeler wrecks and you need someone doing the same for you. Issues such as driver fatigue, improper or neglected maintenance, drug use, excessive speed, and bad driving records are things that we can uncover for your benefit if you are the victim of a truck wreck in North Alabama. Let our attorneys begin working on your case today. Whether you were injured or a loved one was killed, we can help. From Scottsboro, to Huntsville, to Decatur, call us today for a free consultation at 256-259-3929.