ares_auto_accidentsIf you have been injured in an auto accident, The Lackey Law Firm can guide you to recovery. Victims of car wrecks need immediate legal advice and we are here to help. Gary Lackey and Justin Lackey will evaluate your case and fight aggressively for you if we can assist. Please call us at (256) 259-3929 for your free consultation.

Oftentimes people do not know how to proceed when they are involved in a wreck that causes property damage, injury, or death. This list probably cannot answer all of your questions but we hope it will be helpful in guiding you if you were injured or had a loved one die in a car wreck.

  • What if I did not have auto insurance?
    Even if you did not have insurance, if there were other cars involved, there is a chance we can recover money for you. The only way to know is to let a lawyer evaluate your case. If you had an injury or property damage in a car wreck but had no auto insurance, let us look at the case to see if there are other sources of recovery.
  • What if the at-fault driver did not have insurance?
    If you had an auto accident caused by another driver who had no insurance, there is still hope! We can often recover money for you even if the driver who caused the crash had no coverage. We also may be able to recover from insurance policies on vehicles that were not involved directly in the wreck. Call us today at (256) 259-3929.
  • What if my health insurance has covered all of my medical bills and my car was repaired by the insurance company?
    You may still be able to recover money from your car crash, even if your medical bills have been paid and your car is already repaired. We are able to help clients recover money for lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages in many situations.
  • Should I sign anything for the insurance company after my wreck?
    Let us evaluate your case first. Before you agree to settle or sign anything following a car wreck, you should seek legal counsel. We can help you make the right decision and will give you our honest advice about whatever offer you have been given. If you are in doubt at all, call The Lackey Law Firm.
  • My injuries were bad, but I have no health insurance. What should I do?All the more reason to seek our advice. It will never cost you anything to have the first consultation with us, and we may be able to help wreck victims who have injuries but no health insurance.
  • I am not sure I can afford a lawyer. Can you help?
    Yes. If you were injured in a car wreck and we accept your case, you will not have to pay attorney’s fees to us unless we are able to get money for you. Even if we cannot help you, the initial consultation is always free, no matter what kind of case you have.