areas_civil_litigationCivil Litigation

The Lackey Law Firm provides full civil litigation services from pre-suit negotiations, through mediations and trials, to appellate work. We also handle arbitrations. If you have a business, health care law, or other civil matter which must be litigated, allow us to evaluate your case.

Whether you need someone to advocate your position as a plaintiff or zealously defend you we are there to help. Our litigation services are affordable and we are client-oriented to ensure you the best chance possible of meeting your goals through the legal process.

Property Disputes

Boundary line and property disputes are often the most contentious cases we handle. Such disputes often involve the family farm, the home place, or property that is particularly special to our clients. At other times, the dispute arises because an agitated neighbor has “crossed the line” or for other reasons.

We have focused on the area of boundary line and property disputes for many years and have successfully litigated numerous cases to a favorable conclusion. The types of cases we are interested in include timber theft, boundary line disputes, adverse possession, flooding issues caused by adjoining owners, trespassing, and more. If you believe you need legal assistance with a property dispute of any kind, contact our experienced lawyers at 256-259-3929 for a free consultation