Gary, Justin, and Jennifer Lackey had another extremely successful year collecting money for clients in 2016.  The Lackey Family handled a diverse array of cases in 2016 ranging from car wrecks to wrongful deaths and divorces to defending clients with criminal charges.  They also handled many DUI, child custody, and child support cases in Jackson County and elsewhere last year along with litigating many other types of civil and criminal cases.  Here are some of the highlights of our work in 2016:

$115,000.00 settlement – Rear end car crash

$275,000.00 settlement – Crash involving at-fault driver under the influence

$50,000.00 settlement – Wrongful death, policy limits crash settlement

$50,000.00 settlement – Motorcycle wreck, policy limits settlement

$75,000.00 settlement – Wrongful death, policy limits crash settlement

$92,000.00 settlement – Car crash case

$45,000.00 settlement – Worker’s compensation

$25,000.00 settlement – Policy limits in a car wreck case

$100,000.00 settlement – Policy limits in car wreck case

$58,500.00 settlement – Car crash case

$60,000.00 settlement – Car crash case

More than 300 criminal cases handled

More than 100 family law cases handled

We also settled dozens of other cases for our clients including many settlements of $25,000.00 or more and reached confidential settlements for several clients.  All told, the settlements reached by the Lackey attorneys in 2016 resulted in the collection of millions of dollars for our clients.  If you or your family has a need for an attorney, you can always schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers.  There is no attorney fee in injury cases unless we collect money for you.  Call today at 256-259-3929 to schedule your free consultation with Gary, Justin, or Jennifer!

February 9, 2017
The Lackey Law Firm Collected Millions of Dollars for Clients in 2016